Partner Companies

Vinha BV is part of a number of companies:

* Lievaart Expeditie BV

Temperature controlled road transport is Lievaart Transport’s specialisation. A large number of shipments of flowers and plants is transported by truck between the Netherlands and Italy, and vice versa, on a daily basis. By using the correct planning, using modern digital technology and providing customer friendly service, Lievaart strives to live up to its slogan;

‘The best way to Italy by road’.

* Lievo Exploitatie Maatschappij BV

Lievo deals in property and trucks. It is located on the site of the former vegetable auction The Greenery in De Lier and close to the Flora Holland flower auctions in Naaldwijk in the middle of bustling Westland, where horticulture and transport make up daily life.

* Kapo BV

Kapo produces Danish trolleys, shelves, attachments and accessories completely in-house and has grown to become one of the bigger suppliers. Sea containers full of goods arrive each week and this enables Kapo to offer favourable rates and very fast service. Kapo manufactures customised trolleys and containers to customers’ requirements for many sectors and all production complies with the highest quality requirements. Kapo mainly supplies to wholesalers and the bigger exporters. It is located next to Lievaart Expeditie BV, a sister company that it shares a large fleet with and this means that orders can be delivered quickly.